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Stray dogs
There are 15-20 stray dogs in our street making life miserable and leaving the residents to have sleepless nights. I would like to request the authorities to look into this immediately. Location- Vittal Nagar Layout, Near ISRO layout, Bangalore-78.(Received from a citizen.) Read More
Guruprasad Krishnaraj

I too have a similar problem at Venkateshwara layout in BTM first stage BAngalore 560068. I have written to CUPA about this and am awaiting a reply.
Meanwhile if there is any body or organization that...

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September 23 2009, 8:25 AM  ·  Thumb-up-icon 0  ·  Thumb-down-icon 0
Pushpa Achanta

For stray dog menace, please contact BBMP Dog Catcher Helpline (22224541), Control Room (22221188/22660000) or any of the organizations listed on

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November 11 2009, 5:16 PM  ·  Thumb-up-icon 0  ·  Thumb-down-icon 0
Petrol bunk cheating
Of late, I am witnessing a surge in cheating attempts by Petrol bunks. (I got cheated first time around 10 years ago but looks like more people have learnt the trick). Essentially they don't reset to ZERO the display before starting to fill. The trick is one or more persons will distract you - by either giving you an pamphlet, cleaning your glass or just conversation.. How to be prepared.. As you drive in check the meter for residual reading and ensure that you are not distracted.. Delay... Read More

The Govt itself is cheating consumers by periodic upward revision of petrol prices, over charging due to absence of coins of small denominations, short supply due to faulty readings which is helped...

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Bottled - Bislery Water - Just like straight from the canal
I had a shocking surprise today!. I with my family bought a packaged drinking water from a shop in JP Nagar and found to be having thing which you normally see in canals - algae, fungus .. don't know what exactly to call. The brand was Bislery, but I am not sure if it is a fake version. We all including my 2 year child drank the water before we could see the contamination towards its bottom.(Received from a citizen.) I am clueless as to what I can do to make sure this is bought to the right... Read More
Builder deviating from the Plan and [ignoring] BDA bye laws
From a resident of Kaverinagar BSK III stage: There is a new apartment coming in Ramarao layout on 3rd cross 1st main of Ramarao layout. The builders name is Mr.Subramanya. He is violating all the norms while building. The violations are as follows: 1. Not taking care of enough spacing between his wall and adjcent buildings at all the three sides of the building. 2. He also operates his machinery that make lot of noise from early morning 6 AM to late night 11 PM. Although the nearby... Read More
Bed and Breakfast accommodation for physically challenged students
Bangalore city citizens ** We need your support ** CBR NETWORK is a Voluntary organization (A NGO) working in disability sector since three decades. Community Based Rehabilitation is built with the mission of building rehabilitation services on the potential inherent in our families and communities. We train teachers to work with children with Disabilities in cooperation with other special schools in Bangalore. Here is an opportunity for you to serve Disability sector. We are training 300... Read More
Rat menace and garbage collection in Jayanagar
I feel that Jayanagar as a residential layout is now completely devoid of dustbins, there is not a single one in entire second block region. It is well known that garbage collection happens door to door ALMOST every day (skipped perhaps on holidays and festivals) but does that mean we need to get rid of dustbins? A walk along many of the roads shows garbage thrown in places where there were bins earlier and this garbage gets scattered into the roads. The corner near Dayananda sagar kalyana mantapa... Read More
Felling of trees in KR Road
All the trees of K R Road appear to be marked for felling, presumably for the Metro Project. Is it necessary? Who decides? Shouldn't responsible persons without vested interest be involved in the decision making process? Can we do anything? (Received from a citizen.) Read More
Sorry state of Siddapura lake
This lake had been in the news last week for all the wrong reasons as the fish in the lake died bcoz of pollutants. I am writing on behalf of "Spandana" BEML Layout Residents welfare association requesting you to guide us on how can we get this lake sewerage free. The entire storm water drain in Kundalahalli-ITPL road and AECS layout has commercial establishments draining contents to them and these drains end in this lake. There are several migratory birds visiting this lake every year. Last... Read More